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A letter from Rishielle Giscombe Glam and Go Founder/CEO

In 2015 God have blessed me with the beauty on demand concept. After leaving New York to relocate to Florida due to losing my mother with nothing but my talent to provide beauty services. As an immigrant from Kingston Jamaica I grew up proving beauty services at home for my family members. Little did I know this would be a start of something disruptive in an industry.

In Florida I have noticed that Africa americas were finding it challenging to get beauty services done. This was due to lack of transportation, subjection to spending all day in a salon and struggling to include personal care into their busy schedules. At the Age of 23 I saw this as huge problem that I was compelled to solve.

Starting this process came with it challeges and it ha ha moments. I have discovered that customers was not the only side that was having serious problems but also beauty professionals. Beauty professionals were earning not enough to sustain themselves and their family due to being charges a weekly chair rental fee of $150- $600. In addition they are subjected to have 40%- 60% deduction from each booking yet still not guaranteed customers. As a young beauty professional, I wanted to solve this problem by providing (beauty on demand services) to help customers have easy access to luxury beauty services without leaving their home.

In 2015 I have quit my job to solve this problem to help others. To my surprise this services was more in demand than I expected. I have grew so much in the space of 2 years I wanted to build a platform to help both clients and beauty professionals throughout the United States and beyond. In 2017 I have started to put this easier way for everyone to have easy access to beauty services.

As the company evolves to Glam and Go we are now just only focus on building an easy way to access beauty services but to give everyone the opportunity to earn more through our affiliation programs, utilizing our referral programs and also providing same day hair extension and product delivery.

My aim as the Founder/ CEO is to innovate the entire beauty industry and providing equality in earning while using our technology.

Rishielle Giscombe

Founder/ CEO

Glam and Go

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